Jon A. Hallgrimsson


    After 18 years of providing IT professional services consulting, I have broad experience in IT infrastructure systems implementation and management for Fortune 500 companies. I am currently the Manager of Engineering Services (Compute, Network, Central Storage and Data Protection, Security Infrastructure, and Voice) for a national cancer treatment specialty hospital, leading a diverse team of amazing engineers that are deploying some of the most innovative healthcare solutions in the nation.

    I am always excited to jump into a new technology, help build a business case, support a process improvement, or fix a problem that has been declared impossible.



Using Technology to Fuel Business...

My Passion is business. I have drawn on every experience in my life to continue my evolution and learn how to apply  lessons to making business successful. I can take exceedingly complex subjects and technologies, distill and synthesize them to a practical understanding, and then communicate a vision to leverage technology in surprising and profitable ways.